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The Emperor’s Preface to the Sacred Teachings 雁塔 聖教序 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... God, therefore, has no origin, and God's ways are invisible, "divine mysteries", and not ... humbly do not possess and cannot comprehend God's wide realm of abilities. Hence, in ... we do have free will, whereas in God's perspective (which we can never be able ... meaning and mechanisms of all things (or God's way or Buddha's way ..etc) in general ... from living a meaningful life. c) God's Paradox and the nature of God - a...

Mercy (慈悲) 慈悲禧年 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... of mercy in salvation; specifically, to receive God's salvation, one must "Be merciful just as ... the two outlined above:Through the mystery of God's mercy, bad can be turned into good. ... can result in a good ending with God's mercy. God's grace and mercy is not limited and ... bad effects.Our salvation relies on this specific God's mercy as our original sin (bad) can ... it is the root of salvation; without God's mercy, there will be no salvation. ...

Heart Sutra Buddhism 般若波羅蜜多心經 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... eat from the "Tree of Knowledge" despite God's warning (Genesis 3:1-12); Adam and Eve had ... subsequently became greedy in wanting to obtain God's power, and so consequently decided to eat ... Final Judgment. We can only follow God's ways, pray, and hope that, by the...

Unmoved in absolute stillness (寂然不動) 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... not be able to comprehend or hear God's words. Indeed, a cup needs to ... silence is absolutely necessary to listening to God's words (so idle talk is discouraged), ...
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