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The Emperor’s Preface to the Sacred Teachings 雁塔 聖教序 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... Taoism 道家 (specifically, Taoist philosophy not Taoist religion 道教; although Taoist religion is founded upon Taoist philosophy) and Christianity, ... and Christianity, notably Christianity is monotheistic (a religion that is based on the belief of ... His attempt to reconcile Buddhism and Taoist religions was most commendable as, during Emperor Taizong's ... When one humbly studies further into different religions and philosophies, one will likely realize there...

"Compassion and benevolence" (仁愛) 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... 5:14).There are certainly many commonalities among cultures, religions and even philosophies regarding the morality of...
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